Engine diagnostics in Leeds

There’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling you get when the orange light illuminates on the dashboard, indicating an engine problem. If this happens, don’t panic; just call us at HTVS in Leeds, and we will hook it up to our engine diagnostic computer and discover what the problem is through your vehicle's Engine Management System.

Our expert team of mechanics at our Leeds garage have years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge, so whether it’s a faulty sensor, a broken wire or stalling of your car, we will deal with the problem with skill and care, at an affordable price for you.

Your local engine diagnostics specialists in Leeds

No matter where you are in Leeds, our team of mechanics guarantee you a great service on all engine diagnostic work. There are so many reasons to choose us:

  • We employ fully qualified, expert mechanics
  • Engine diagnostics for all makes of car, van and 4x4
  • We're a long standing member of the Good Garage Scheme
  • You'll always receive a top quality, affordable and quality service

It is important to check the performance of your vehicle on an ongoing basis, so any problems can be rectified.

Autologic diagnostic solutions

Our service is quick and easy to perform - we'll hook up our advanced computer to you car and this allows us to undertake any service and repair work independently. You get great results every time.

For any problems with your fuel, ignition or engine management system, call our specialist mechanics in Leeds now on 0113 370 9073.