The Good Garage Scheme

At HTVS in Leeds, we are members of the Good Garage Scheme. It was set up to regulate independent garages and MOT test centres, and to ensure people could find a reliable and honest company.

It was often thought that customers weren't getting value for money when they used independent companies, and certain places couldn't be trusted. In 2006, the Good Garage Scheme set about to eradicate any such behaviours, and brought out a set of rules that members had to adhere to:

  • Work to a strict code of conduct
  • Work for the customer's best interests
  • Discuss all work with the customer
  • Provide a trustworthy service
  • Get customer's OK to carry out work
  • Work to an industry standard checklist
  • Provide customers with a feedback card
  • Random mystery customer style visits

The Good Garage Scheme monitors customer feedback and keeps a close eye on all its members to ensure they are meeting the necessary requirements.

We are proud to be members of the Good Garage Scheme, and if you want to find out more, drop us a line on 0113 370 9073.