Improve your car's performance with engine remapping

Engine remapping is adjusting and modifying the programme that deals with engine performance to allow you to get the best out of your vehicle. The power output from your car is restricted by the manufacturer for a variety of reasons, but at HTVS we can unlock your car's power, giving it better fuel economy and acceleration.

Our mechanics are all fully trained, highly experienced, and always put the customer first, so you get exceptional levels of service, and some of the best prices around.

Engine remapping is the way forward

There are so many advantages when you remap your car’s engine:

  • Optimised the overall performance of your vehicle
  • Smoother and quicker power delivery in every gear
  • Hugely improved fuel consumption - up to 5mpg
  • Improved acceleration – makes for safer overtaking
  • Less wear and tear on your engines parts
  • An increase of up to 35Bhp is possible

Get in touch with us and we’ll be able to let you know how your car can be improved.

Great service, great prices in Leeds

As members of the Good Garage Scheme, all our services are performed within a strict code of conduct and we work to an industry standard checklist, ensuring you quality and honesty every time you choose us. We believe our prices are among the best in Leeds.

For a garage you can rely on for your vehicles engine remapping, call us wherever you are in Leeds on 0113 370 9073.