Laser 4 wheel alignment in Leeds

Are your tyres wearing unevenly? Is your car wandering on a straight road? Can you feel a pulling or drifting? Laser 4 wheel alignment can stop these problems and maximise the life of your tyres. It is an effective way of reducing the cost of the maintenance of your vehicle, and by choosing us to carry out your laser 4 wheel alignment, you are guaranteed a speedy and skillful service.

We have years of industry knowledge, and all our mechanics are fully trained. We offer a full four wheel laser alignment service, using the very latest equipment, and specialist technicians to carry out the task.

Helping your car to run smoothly

Alignments can be done when you notice a problem, or just routinely at your car's service. The benefits include:

  • It’s a relatively quick, easy and inexpensive job to do
  • It improves your vehicle’s overall handling performance
  • You'll greatly reduce or get rid of uneven tyre wear
  • It will stop those annoying steering wheel vibrations
  • It's likely to help to improve your overall fuel economy of your car
  • Will improve driver comfort as no longer have to fight with the wheel

Expert mechanics in Leeds

We are members of the Good Garage Scheme, so when you leave your car with us you can be sure that all work is carried out safely, ethically and to the highest of standards, at an affordable, honest price.

Get your car booked in for laser 4 wheel alignment without delay, by ringing and speaking to our experts mechanics on Leeds 0113 370 9073.