Vauxhall servicing in Leeds

Vauxhall ServicingYou’ll be pleased to hear that you are now able to use a garage of your choice to carry out your Vauxhall service, so there is no need to pay the inflated prices that dealerships charge. At HTVS in Leeds, we are specialists in Vauxhalls and will carry out your vehicles service with great attention to detail, using the best tools, at a fair price.

All our mechanics are fully trained and experts in repairing and maintaining cars, so when you leave it with us you know it is in safe hands.

A thorough service of your Vauxhall

When you choose our established company to carry out the service to your car, you will be kept up to speed on exactly what needs doing. Your car will drive like a dream, and your warranty will stay valid. Your vehicle's service will include:

  • Replace engine oil and other fluids
  • Check and test the vehicle's brakes
  • Inspect the tyres for wear
  • Air and oil filters changed as required
  • Check and test the car's lights
  • Examine the suspension components
  • Testing of steering components
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Resetting your service indicator light
  • Stamp your service book

The best mechanics across Leeds

Keep your car maintained, service it regularly and it will perform well, be reliable and look after you for years. What's more, when it comes to selling it, it'll be worth that bit more due to having a full service history.

Talk to the experts on Leeds 0113 370 9073 for the service of your Vauxhall.